Mailchimp - our choice for e-mail marketing

Mailchimp is a full service email marketing web platform offering:

  • simple creation of subscribers list
  • easy integration with your own application
  • flexible e-mail templates
  • rich reporting tools
  • many more cool features like autoresponders, integration with google analytics, integration with social networks, subscribers list segmentation, personalized e-mails...
  • and not less important, competitive pricing

Argo Team can help you get started with Mailchimp.

  • set up an account on for you
  • create subscribers list (and import existing email list if you have one)
  • create sign up form for your web site (subscribed users are automatically added to your email list)
  • prepare newsletter template that conforms to your company and website design (as well as other subscription related emails and forms)

Depending on your needs we can:

  • provide training to teach you how to manage your campaigns on your own
  • manage your e-mail campaigns for you

Email Marketing

Sending personalized e-mails, newsletters, invitations and offers to your customers should be an inevitable part of the full marketing mix.

Send personalized emails to your customers because they:

  • Are more likely to be opened than generic emails
  • Improve the response rate!
  • Enhance your corporate image
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Build customer loyalty

With us you can distribute online:

  • Personalized newsletters to your customers
  • Invitations/cards with their names right on them
  • Company brochures

Our Offer

We can handle all the phases of email marketing campaigns for you, starting with graphical design, continuing with copywriting, managing contact lists, distribution and presenting and finally, analyzing campaign results.

Even More...

Using our data driven, targeted approach you can increase the impact of your emails. We can help you segment your customer database and create smaller email lists based on their interests. This will enable you to send more relevant and targeted messages to them, which makes customers more likely to respond.

Case study:

Email Marketing for Koala Café

Argo team provides end to end email marketing service to Koala Café. HTML email subscription form is embedded on Koala Cafe web, on the home page. Subscribers can also subscribe in the Koala Cafe directly, those are added to the Mailchimp list manually. E-mail campaigns with list of upcoming events in Koala Cafe are sent once a month.

The newsletter open rate is 43% and the list growth is 73 per month thanks to forwarding to friends and sharing on Facebook. Attendance to events organized by Koala Café increased by 57% since they started sending newsletters.

How to send effective newsletters?

If you know what you want to send to your customers, you are almost done. Let us take care of design and technical part of newsletter distribution.

Customer Retention

Argo Team can help you create Trip-Wire anti-defection campaigns, sending special offer emails to defecting customers.