About PPC

PPC ads appear at the top and right side of a search engine results page. Pay Per Click marketing works by associating your ad with a phrase related to your product or service. When that phrase is searched, your Pay per Click ad will be shown on the search results page. You pay when a customer clicks the link from the ad to visit target web page. The cost charged depends on popularity of the phrase, the search engine's assessment of how relevant the ad and phrase are to your website, and how frequently your PPC ad is clicked vs. your competitors' ads. PPC ads also appear on different advertising networks and websites.

Why PPC is Good

PPC campaign is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your web site because you only pay for actual clicks. That way you to get great exposure, while you have total control over the amount you spend on your search engine marketing campaign.

Argo team PPC services

We are experienced marketing professionals with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Seznam Sklik. We have been managing search engine marketing campaigns for e-shops, restaurants, fitness and many more business areas. Taking care about search engine optimization of your web site we use PPC advertising as the perfect supplement to a newly formed SEO campaign. By using search engine marketing during that start up phase, our PPC campaigns drive immediate traffic to the web site and test which keyword combinations work best.

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The effectiveness of PPC objectives

According to 2011 Search Marketing Benchmark Report by MarketingSherpa, the ratio of marketers who consider PPC effective in specific objectives follows:

  • 87% - Increase lead generation
  • 94% - Increase web site traffic
  • 80% - Increase online sales revenue
  • 83% - Increase brand or product awareness
  • 64% - Increase offline sales revenue
  • 72% - Improve brand or product reputation
  • 52% - Improve public relations