Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be complex and time-consuming. For most businesses, it should be an on-going activity, and the sooner you begin with SEO, the sooner you can achieve top search engine result positions.

Websites normally differ significantly in size, content, technology used and, most importantly, in goals and purpose. To be successful, SEO strategy must take those differences into account.

Our approach consists of three closely-related activities:

  1. Initial SEO Analysis
    The outcome of an initial SEO analysis is an SEO Audit and Strategy Proposal. The proposal is based on your goals, our analysis of the content of the site, research on the competition, and the popularity of the most beneficial keywords and keyword phrases. The proposal includes recommendations regarding target key phrases, link building strategy and company website structure and content.
  2. Onsite SEO Implementation
    Recommended changes to the website are made. Implementation can be performed by your copywriters and web developers or by us.
  3. Link Building
    Link building is executed according to the SEO Audit and Strategy Proposal. The incoming links that are acquired bring new visitors and increase the effect of onsite optimization. Depending on the nature of your business, the link building strategy could include writing and commenting blogs, writing and distribution of online press releases, publishing videos on video portals, creation of social network profiles or fan pages, writing and distribution of articles relevant for your industry, relevant and high-quality directory submissions, and registration with industry associations.

During the SEO campaign, we hold regular meetings for the review of onsite and link building activities. We use website analytics to track the growth of visits and conversions.


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