Business Reporting & Data Analysis

Here is a short list of questions that enabled Argo Team clients to make informed business decisions:

  • Is there a discrepancy between sales and quantity in stock of specific products? Which items are in insufficient supply compared to sales? Which items must we get rid of?
  • Does our offer correspond well to customer demand regarding sizes, colors and materials?
  • What is the contribution of each price segment in total sales/margin/profit?
  • How does profit compare with this same period last year? Which factor contributed to the difference the most?
  • How does the season affect the sales? How do you set up sales targets per month? How do the current sales compare to sales from the previous year? What we can do to improve it?
  • What are underachieving product categories? What we can do to improve their sales? Can we adjust pricing for a specific product category to improve profit?
  • Who are our best customers? What is the best way to attract our target market segment? What is the signal telling us that our best customers might move to our competition? What can we do to retain them?
  • What is our turnover rate and GMROI of each product category, brand, supplier and store? What are the conversion rates per store? Is the structure of customers different for high and low GMROI stores? Does the offer correspond to customer preferences visiting specific stores?

Predictive Analytics is the Next Competitive Discipline

Their brave new world consists of ever more diverse consumers, who have become increasingly interconnected and demanding, with expectations that only rise as their loyalty to companies declines. In this environment, decision-makers must be ready to target exactly the right price, product and/or service at each core customer segment. This means companies will have to adhere to a new competitive discipline in the form of predictive analytics.

Information Management Magazine, Sept/Oct 2010

Revenues Jump When Big Companies Improve Data, Study Suggests

Small tweaks and incremental investments in data accessibility and intelligence can have big returns in revenues, growth and innovation, according to findings from a study of Fortune 1000 companies released today.

Information Management Online, September 27, 2010

Moving From Business Intelligence to Advanced Analytics

By developing the capability to move from insight to action, leading businesses are combining historical and predictive analysis to determine what immediate actions to take.

InfoManagement Direct, September 23, 2010